Chris A. Mack
To Whom it May Concern:

I have worked closely with LithoTech Japan (LTJ) for over 20 years on a variety of projects. They represented and supported my simulation software PROLITH in Asia, and I represented and supported their RDA (Resist Development Analyzer) for a short while in the United States. We have collaborated on several research and development projects, resulting in a number of published papers on resist characterization and the measurement of resist modeling parameters. LTJ has immense experience in photolithography and has contributed, through their many products, to important advances in lithography for semiconductor manufacturing.

One important machine that LTJ should be proud of is their RDA800. It helps many of the most important photoresist makers around the world solve their technical and production problems by characterizing photoresist behavior quickly and rigorously. I have used the RDA many times myself, and have relied on its data. I believe that the RDA can and should contribute to the overall development of the semiconductor industry in China.

Best Regards,

Chris A. Mack