Company History & Mission

Company History

A message form CEO of Raysuccess Development Limited has been operating in Hong Kong and mainland China for over 30 years. Our activities started with the introduction of Polycarbonate Film to the printing and electronic industries.

Today, together with our mainland operation in Shenzhen and Wuxi, we offer a comprehensive range of materials, inks and machineries for screen printing, security printing, Touch Panel, packaging, BLU module, tele-communication, batteries and industries. Additionally, we provide slitting, lamination and sheeting services in Shenzhen and HK.

Our resolute position today account for our pioneering spirit to improve our services and to provide more innovative products and materials, meeting the rapidly evolving market needs. Our experienced sales and technical specialist dedicated to providing the highest level of quality and services to our customers.

We also would like to take this opportunity to express our gratitude to our international suppliers who have supported our operation with all possible effort and trust, I am excited to face the challenge ahead and hope you will join us together to strive to excel.


In the past 3 decades we have seen impossibles turned into possibles, people who had been beaten struggled to become victors.

Our mission is to contribute our small part to sustain the necessary environment.