RAYMOND & CO. understands well that the development of innovative high tech in China is in great need of the prompting from foreign enterprises. This includes the technology and the management and this is all a target for us to learn.

Besides consideration of self interest, the exporting countries will put stringent rules on the application of export permit and have restrictions on some specific materials. This will become even more complicated if this involves the questions of patent and national defence. It demands patience and caution when introducing these technologies into China.So it is of utmost importance to build up a long term co-operative relationship with the suppliers and to obtain their trust and co-operation.

Yet, in truth, restrictions on some technology are not appropriate in our time, these restrictions can even bring disadvantage to the suppliers in these exporting countries both in the short run and the long run.

RNCT is professional and full of sincerity in its persuasion, and hires the local experts in the trade. Coupled with the sound legal rules, this is protecting our overseas supplier partners and protecting their interest in the co-operation. Under this win-win situation, we build the value added high tech material production base inside this country.

We are striving to make our co-operation partners know there is choice in the China enterprise. Nowadays, if the overseas enterprises can grasp tightly this moment of co-operation with the China enterprise, they will make themselves sure of more favourable co-operation terms. On the contrary, hesitation will only make more costs and these costs will be even more increased with the advancing development of the China enterprise.