Cutting, Slitting & Lamination service

Raymond & Co”s primary core business is being the distributors of Teijin PC film & sheet, SABIC PC film & sheet, Bayer PC film, Evonik PMMA film, Kimoto diffusion film and hard coated PET film.

Our Industrial plastic material’s distributing business cover various industrial fields. For promoting high service standard, we setup converting facilities (slitting, lamination & cutting equipments) for plastic films in 1987. It aims to provide the best service and match our customers’ request.

From 2007, our customers order optical grade hard coated PET, PC film & sheet in a continuous high growth rate. In 2010, we have constructed clean room in Hong Kong & Shenzhen. For handling optical grade plastic films, it will be operated in clean room area. Also, we are honor of being Bayer’s authorized converter in 2013.

Converting Equipment List:

  • Slitting machine: 3 sets (maximum roll width 1600mm)
  • Laminator: 3 sets (maximum roll width 1100mm)
  • Cutting machine: 3 sets (maximum width:1300mm)
  • Sheeting machine (roll to sheet): 3 sets (max. sheet size: 700mm x 850mm)

Remarks: (thickness: 0.025mm↑), Accuracy: ± 0.5mm, Materials: PET, PC,PVC

Provide Professional Converting service & Welcome Inquiry.

Converting services:
Slitting, laminating & Sheeting(According to customer requirement of slitting, laminating & sheeting size)
Slitting roll size: 30mm~1600mm.
Material: various plastic film (PC, PET, PVC……).

Professional Cutting service: Sheeting (Roll to Film)
Roll width: 50mm~1300mm
Material: various plastic film (PC, PET, PVC……)

Professional Laminating service:
Roll width: 500mm~1100mm

Film Converting Service