LTJ RDA Series: RDA-800

The Resist Development Analyzer MODEL-800 is a cutting-edge 18-channel development speed measuring system capable of responding to high development speeds. The MODEL-800 developed through modification of the MODEL-790, which has a fixed monitor lens, so that the MODEL0-800?? lens moves in sync with the wafer, thus enabling data sampling to start immediately after a sample is immersed in the developer. This allows measurement of high development speeds, up to approx. 6,000 nm/s (Rmax), a feat extremely difficult to accomplish with conventional systems. The MODEL-800 can be used not only for analysis of development characteristics such as measurement of development speed and calculation of resist contrast curves, but also for quick and accurate determination of resist modeling parameters required by a lithography simulator.


• Measurement and analysis of development speed.
• For resists on Si substrates, multilayer substrates, Al substrates, and ARC.
• Analysis of development characteristics
• Measurement of y value, Eth and discrimination curve, and calculation of contrast value (tan?)
• Determination of accurate modeling parameters
• Calculation of development parameters, diffusion length, and surface insolubility parameters
• Production of data tables, and transfer of data to lithography simulator Capable of transferring R (E,Z), R (E), R (M,Z), and R(M) data to lithography simulator
• Automatic developer supply and drain systems
• Automatic water insertion system that operates in sync with monitor lens