Raymond & Co. Intense Cooperation with Nanoimprint Equipments & Materials Suppliers.

(1).Great Demand of Nanoimprint Equipments:

Recently, nano imprint technology can imprint precise & fine nano patterns on the substrate in high demand.

Now, our nanoimprint equipments can imprint fine & precise 3D nano patterns on 10inches & 20inches wafer.

(2). For LED Industries:

LTJ, NILT, Chemiway, Temicon & Genisys can offer nanoimprint equipments & materials for PSS(Pattern Sapphire Substrate) for LED Light. Due to the high tech know-how on nanoimprint, their high quality equipments & materials can imprint precise nano patterns on PSS

For the patterned PSS, it can enhance 30% light intensity on LED light. For sure it can be beneficial to our environment by energy saving.

Wide-band-gap semiconductor materials such as gallium nitride (GaN) have superior material properties compared to silicon for use in devices like power electronics, laser diodes, and light-emitting diodes (LEDs). Where devices based on GaN-on-silicon substrates grow, bulk GaN substrates offer the potential to improve device performance, albeit at higher cost. We evaluated the manufacturing costs of bulk GaN substrates and the added cost of GaN epitaxy, and compared the result to the alternative GaN-on-silicon approach. GaN-on-silicon will remain the low-cost solution for wafers, but GaN-on-GaN can become competitive at the device level under the right conditions. As a result, bulk GaN wins in laser diodes, but it must race to become relevant in LEDs and power electronics by boosting yield and performance enough to make devices cost competitive.

(3). Roll to Roll (RTR) Nanoimprint Device:

Temicon’s RTR Nanoimprint device can duplicate resin mold effectively. The resin mold can be used on not even surface PSS(pattern Sapphire substrate. As a result, this can lower the cost for the 4” wafer. It can lower the cost of LED light and made it competitive.

Temicon can order made the machine as per customer’s special requirement and develop the precise RTR Nanoimprint machine together.

(4).For Photovoltaic Industries:

As per LTJ, NILT, Temicon, Chemiway & Genisys’s Nanoimprint equipments & materials, they can improve the anti –reflection (AR) film performance of the PV. It makes less reflection of the light energy and enhance the solar energy reserving & protect the environment.

(5). 2D Nanofluidic Channel – made by nanoimprint method

Nowadays, Nanofluidic channel can be used to develop Bio-technology & Bio sensor. For DNA stretching research, it can facilitate the duplication of protein. Nanoimprint method can produce 2D nanofluidic channel in less complex process, faster & less cost.

(6). Toplogical Insulator:

SHOUCHENG ZHANG, professor of physics, has been named a recipient of the 2015 Benjamin Franklin Medal in Physics, one of the oldest and most prestigious science awards in the United States.

groundbreaking theoretical contributions leading to the discovery of a new class of materials called topological insulators

Topological Insulator: The materials function as insulators on the inside, but they conduct electricity on their surface; this conductivity is “topologically protected,” so the state of the electrons passing on the surface cannot be changed or destroyed.

The Bismuth Selenide (Bi2Se3) nanostructure channel on the surface of the topological insulator can be lithographed by Nanoimprint process to grow large area of topological insulator base.

Diagram for Shou Cheng Zhang’s spintronic concept on Moore’s law