Hong Bo Luo
Personal Profile

HONG BO, LUO (Dr. of Engineering, Professor, Phd Tutor, Qingdao city 3D Printing engineering RD Supervisor). Being selected for the new century best talent person of China Education Department, Qingdao city’s first group of leader of innovation industry, West sea coast country new district leader. Chinese Mechanical Engineering society – Value Added material manufacturing Technology committee member, Chinese Mechanical Engineering society senior member, American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME) member, The Editorial board member of international periodic issue of Advances in Microelectronic Engineering & Journal of Control Engineering and Technology.

For 10 years recently, Dr. Luo actively focused on large size Nano imprint lithography, LED nano pattern sapphire, Nano manufacturing, Micro size 3D printing technology & RD in production devices for industrial use and social service. He has hold the China natural Science foundation fund : the important RD project of Nano manufacturing basic technology & industrialized, the new century best talent person of China Education Department project, China natural science foundation fund projects, Qingdao middle age & young talent person science research fund, 12 national projects & provincial projects of Qingdao city’s first group of leader of innovation industry. published one special English edition of nano imprint lithography technology, being editing of 3 English academic book chapters, holder of 1 US patent and 25 China patents. For being the committee organizer of US, Japan, Mexico International Academic Conference & 6 times of special reporter. He has published 62 academic papers, 52 SCI/EI Editorial documents on Nano industries’ magazine (Nano Today, International Journal of Advanced Manufacturing Technology、China Science, Mechanical engineering Journal ) , his journals & technology papers accumulated quoted for over 700 times.