Photoresist Chemicals
DisChem - Chemistry for Advanced Lithography

1. Microlithography Adhesion Promoter

SurPass 3000 & 4000: Advantages in Lithographic Processing:
  • Improved resist and polymer adhesion on a broad range of substrate materials.
  • Increased adhesion of evaporated metals to substrate materials.
  • Reduced z-potential for improved coating properties.
  • Replaces pre-wetting solvents.
  • May eliminate the need for thermally matched glass.
  • Eliminates need for substrate dehydration bake prior to resist coating.
  • Non-Hazardous waterborne formulation.
  • No VOC or hazardous breakdown products.

SurPass demonstrates excellent adhesion properties on a wide range of substrate materials, including glass, silicon nitride, metals, metal oxides, ceramics (ruby, sapphire) and plastics (PET).

Resist and Polymer Compatibility SurPass has shown compatibility with most positive and negative resist and polymer formulations, providing excellent adhesion when used in conjunction phenolformaldehyde resins (DNQ/Novolac), poly methyl methacrylate (PMMA), poly methylglutarimide (PMGI), epoxy based polymer (SU8), polyimide, electron beam and chemically amplified resists.

SurPass is manufactured in two versions designated as SurPass 3000 and SurPass 4000. SurPass 3000 is mildly acidic (3.0-3.5) and contains a cleaning and surfactant package for enhanced performance. SurPass 4000 is slightly alkaline (9.0-9.5) and contains no additives. Both versions are waterborne and non-hazardous. Unlike silanes (HMDS), no ammonia or breakdown products are formed during application. Both versions of SurPass are waterborne, non-hazardous, and contain no volatile organic compounds (VOC's).

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2. E-Beam/SEM Anti-charging Agent

DisCharge is an anti-charging agent used in electron-beam lithography for preventing charge accumulation on electrically insulated substrates. DisCharge is available in both IPA and water based formulations for optimal resist comparability. DisCharge may also be used as non-destructive conductive agent in SEM imaging.

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