PAGA-100 PAG Deprotection Reaction Analyzer


The PAGA-100 is a Fourier transform infrared spectrometer (FT-IR spectrometer) equipped with exposure and bake functions for observations of the decomposition of the photoacid generator (PAG) during exposure and desorption of protecting groups during PEB in real time.

The PAGA-100 allows to calculate the deprotection reaction parameters required by lithography simulators

A chemically amplified CA photoresist process will have the PAG molecule converse to a strong acid upon absorption of a photon very quickly, it depends on quantum efficiency of the acid generator PAG and exposure energy. The acid triggers a series of chemical reaction, which is a function of the acid concentration, PEB temperature and the acid diffusion rate. The diffusion rate depends on the acid structure. The acid H+ is responsible for subsequent reaction, hence, the chemical amplification nature of the process. PAGA -100 helps you study the importance and relationship of various parameters:

1. Deprotection reaction parameter
2. Acid diffusivity parameter
3. Acid loss parameter
4. Quencher parameter
5. Thermal de-composition parameter