Chris A. Mack

To Whom it May Concern:

I have worked closely with LithoTech Japan (LTJ) for over 20 years on a variety of projects. They represented and supported my simulation software PROLITH in Asia, and I represented and supported their RDA (Resist Development Analyzer) for a short while in the United States. We have collaborated on several research and development projects, resulting in a number of published papers on resist characterization and the measurement of resist modeling parameters. LTJ has immense experience in photolithography and has contributed, through their many products, to important advances in lithography for semiconductor manufacturing.

One important machine that LTJ should be proud of is their RDA800. It helps many of the most important photoresist makers around the world solve their technical and production problems by characterizing photoresist behavior quickly and rigorously. I have used the RDA many times myself, and have relied on its data. I believe that the RDA can and should contribute to the overall development of the semiconductor industry in China.
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Chris A. Mack

Hanabatake Makoto

Letter of Recommendation on the Litho Tech Japan Corp. (LTJ) RDA800 device
2015.7.9 Toyama Prefecture University / Kanagawa University visiting professor
Mr. Hanabatake Makoto

1. Keynote
When manufacturing materials for Semiconductor, displays, MEMS and other electronic components, especially the research and development, manufacturing, quality control and the manufacturing device of photo resist and anti-reflective film, I highly recommended RDA800 device of the Litho Tech Japan Corporation (LTJ).

2. My relationship with the device
I have worked respectively in Sumitomo Chemical (Ltd.), KRI (Ltd.), Nissan Chemical Industries (Ltd.) and other companies. I have been engaged for a total of 38 years in the research and development of the photo resist and on its building up into an enterprise, as well as its production and sales. Especially in Sumitomo Chemical (Ltd.), the i-light ray photo resist obtained a 60% market share; while in Nissan Chemical Industries (Ltd.), the anti-reflection film obtained a 70% market share (all these are worldwide share). These two products are still the two companies??main products, and are highly appreciated by the clients. RDA played an important role in the development of these products. For me, it is really an indispensable prerequisite device.

3. RDA specialties

RDA specialties include the following:
1. In reality, in the manufacturing of electronic equipment, the exposure apparatus is very expensive, but when RDA is here, we can measure the various properties of the photo resists, thus can fully explore the functions of the exposure apparatus.
2. RDA is not only used in the research and development, it can also be used in the photo resist quality management and optimize the process conditions in the use of the resist and to handle customer complaints, etc., So it is used widely.
3. The device only takes a small space to install, and is easy to maintain, the operator can master the technique in a short time.
4. Compared with the exposure apparatus, its price is favorable, costs low.
5. Electronic equipment manufacturers trust it and it has a very good data reproducibility.
6. LTJ company's maintenance, after-sales service are very good, and have made a sound service system for overseas customers.

In view of these advantages, almost all manufacturers of photo resist, resin, photosensitive materials and other raw materials, and electronic equipments are using this device.

I am convinced that to the new entrants of the photo resist industry manufacturers, this is a prerequisite device.

Resume of Mr. Hanabatake Makoto
1976 Osaka University, Graduate of the School of Engineering
Worked for Sumitomo Chemical (Ltd. Co.) in semiconductor photoresist development
1992 Ph.D. in Engineering, Osaka University
1994 Kinki Chemical Society "Chemical Technology Award"
1997 went to KRI company (Ltd. Co.) for assignment of R & D projects
2006 went to Nissan Chemical Industries (Ltd. Co.), engaged in the development of anti-reflection film and photosensitive organic-inorganic hybrid materials
2014 Assumption of Toyama Prefectural University and Kanagawa University professorship