Chen Bao Xin

To all friends & industry professional

I have good comments for the photoresist development analyzer, RDA model from LITHO TECH JAPAN(LTJ).

For a long time, our nation is far behind for the photoresist development. The middle to high grade photoresist are all imported. From various electronic chemistry products, photoresist consists of the highest level technology. In the meantime, photoresist manufacturing is a hard job to be localized let alone replacing import, but we start by beefing up our R&D ability

Since Chinese government is focusing on semiconductor industry at present and many years to come, photoresist being an electronic chemical photolithography cannot do without , its localization is a hot topic among the best brains of our nation. Presently, R&D technican can use RDA analyzer to evaluate the performance of the photoresist after exposure & develop process. We can collect important data as basic information to develop own photoresist. It can lead us to overcome the critical problem of photoresist development.

Thank you.

Chen Bao Xin

Born in 1942 at Fuzhou city, Fujian, PRC.
1966 graduated at Peking University (Department of Physics)
1986-1985 was employed by China Semiconductor Research Institute.
1986 to now: employed by China Institute of microelectronics
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