Technology Consultation Services

Technical Consultation and Transfer Services

Members in our consultation team come from China, Japan Germany and the US. Each of them is recognized as a leader in his specialty. No matter how ambitious your plan may be, our team starts from design and optimization of products and production, we boldly take it one step further by offering active role in a later phase of customer services and trouble shootings, which benefit so many clients in a most practical way, the results come fast and are easy to see. Finally, your investment and hard work can be secured by our participation in patent application, something our R&D experts have been doing on a regular basis in their professional career.

RNCT strictly adhere to Non- Disclosure agreement starting from the first moment of negotiation well extended to when actual services are being provided.

General Course of Consulting
Category General Course Details
Materials for Electronics Acryl Resin Performance and Application
Phenolic Resin Novolak, PHS
Polyimide Polyimide Substrate
Si-containing materials Si-polymer, PDSS
Organic/inorganic Hybrid Sol-Gel MaterialSol-Gel
Photofunctional Material Photopolymer, Sensitizer, Initiator
Dyes and Pigments Functional Dye and Pigment

Resist for Semiconductor, Sensor, MEMS
g-line / i-line resist g/ iRaw materials (Resin, PAC, PAG, Additives)
KrF ResistResist Design and Optimization
Arf Resist, ArF-immersion ResistEvaluation Method
Quality Control and Mass Production
EUV ResistTrouble Shooting and Customer Support
EB and X-ray ResistApplication and Optimization
Multi Layer MaterialBARC (Bottom Anti Reflection Coating)
SOH (Silicon Hard Mask) and SOC (Spin On Carbon)
Insulating LayerInsulating Materials
Materials for SG ApplicationLow DK / Low Df Material
3D IntegrationTemporary / Permanent Bonding
PSPI (Photo Sensitive Polyimide) Design and optimization
NTI (Negative Tone Imaging)NTI Materials
Materials for CMOS Sensor Application Microlens, Overcoat, Planarizing Layer
MEMS Materials for MEMS ApplicationSemicconductor Package, OLED, Power Devices

Resist for Display
Array Resistg-line / i-line resist
Materials for Flexible DisplayPolyimide Substrate
Color ResistR,G,B and Black Matrix Resist
Photo SpacerDesign and Optimization
Palanarization ResistPlanarization and Insultation Materials
Glass Etching ResistAcid and Akaline Resistant Resist
Organic / Inorganic HybridSol/Gel Materials and Those Application

Packaging MaterialBuild-up FilmABF Related Materials Ajinomoto Build-up Film
NGLNIL (Nanoimprint lithography)NIL Materials
Next Generation materialsDSA (Directed Self Assembly)DSA Materials