3M™ Screen-Printable Adhesive SP-7533

3M™ Screen-Printable Adhesive SP-7533 is a water-dispersed, pressure sensitive
adhesive which has been formulated to be screen printable. This product exhibits a
good combination of peel, shear and environmental aging properties.


  • Screen printableHigh solids
  • Print complicated patterns
  • Water-dispersed
  • High heat resistance
  • Compatible with metal and plastic


  • Low waste
  • High coverage
  • More versatile product designs
  • Non-flammable in the wet state
  • Broad range of applications

Application Suggestions:

Use directly without dilution. Agitate well before using. Do not add additives such as defoamers. Keep container tightly capped during storage. Avoid returning used adhesive to container. Select screen mesh based on required adhesive coating thickness and printing precision. Stainless steel, polyester and nylon wire in the range of #70 to #150 can be used for screen mesh materials. Water resistant materials such as acrylics or diazos should be used for mesh masking materials.

Application Ideas:

  • Membrane Switch Keypads
  • Graphics Application
  • Touch Panels
  • Cell Phones
  • Hand-Helds
  • Audio Equipment
  • Car Interior Trim
  • Home Appliances
  • Foam Padding