NORITAKE is synonymous with fine porcelain tableware, everyone knows porcelain is a product of earth treated delicately by heat, yet few people disect its success by looking at its capability of thermal machine, in fact, NORITAKE is a master of thermal induced treatment. It’s thermal system is used in many industries to cure to finest details that different materials require.

In the case of ITO (indium tin oxide)film, thermal treatment is required to cure and allow its full crystalization, and because the final product ITO film is used in many electronic devices like mobile phone and tablets, its stability of conductivity is an utmost concern.

NORITAKE has proprietary innovations to ensure the thinnest film, down to 50micron thickness, and across a width of 1500mm gets well cured.

We believe your investment in NORITAKE machine will give you yield rate you never thought possible.

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