What is REF-WHITE?

REF-WHITE is a light reflection film for use in LCD backlit units. The reflection films are used at the back of an acrylic light guide board and behind the lamp. REF-WHITE minimize the amount of light loss which allows a lower capacity light source to produce a very bright display. Its optical characteristics also make it suitable for small size, very thin backlit units.

Structure of Edge Light Backlit Unit

Product Application(应用范围): For LCD Backlighting Unit - Reflection Film(液晶背光源组用反光膜材科)
Model No. (型号) Total Thickness (总厚度) (microns/微米) Spectral Light Reflectance(分光反射率) (%)
450nm 550nm 650nm
RW125 125 94 93 92
RW188 188 97 96 95
(Tolerance/公差 ±3%)

* The table shows typical test result and does not guarantee material value