Annealing Furnace for ITO Conductive Film Crystallization (Roll to Roll Type)

This equipment continuously processes the crystallization of ITO conductive film.


  1. ITO Conductive Film Crystallization
  2. Crystallization of ITO film Lower resistance, Higher transparency, Dimensional stability.

Line Configuration:


  • Temperature uniformity during heating: Within ±3℃
  • Achieved with far-infrared heater developed by Noritake
  • Furnace structure with less damages to the film
  • Special feeder/winder system for ultra-low tension conveyance
  • Capable of double-sided ITO films

处理物 Product 单面ITO Film,双面ITO Film Single-sided ITO film, Double-sided
Film 宽幅 Film Width ~ 1700mm
Film 厚度 Film Thickness 50 ~ 250μm
处理速度 Speed 0.5 ~ 2.5m/min可变 0.5 ‐ 2.5m/min Variable
处理温度 Temperature 常温 ~ MAX200℃ R.T. ‐ MAX200℃

Far Infrared Heaters: