Sakurai’s Maestro MF-80 is an innovative flat bed type of screen printing press. The press can be fully automatic when the feeder is connected, but it becomes semi-automatic when the feeder is detached. MF-80, suitable for long or short run work, is capable of all types of substrates such as film, plastic card, card board, and it ensures hairline registration.

Max. stock size 800mm x 600mm
Min. stock size 350mm x 270mm
Max. printable size 800mm x 585mm
Max. frame size 1,100 x 1,000mm
Min. frame size 760mm x 660 mm
Stock thickness 0.1~3mm
Max. stock weight 1,500g
Max. printing speed 1000 sheets / hour
Max. feeder pile height 620mm
Compressed air required 40 liters / min
Power required 7.75Kw(200V,3phase)
Dimensions (H x L x W) 1,386mm x 5,124mm x 1,600mm
Net weight 2,300kg