Adhesion Layer for Nanoimprint Materials

HMNP-12 - Adhesion Layer for Nanoimprint Materials

Adhesion Layer for Working Stamp Materials

In the last years a lot of effort was put into the development of working stamp materials for Nanoimprint Lithography. There are different types of working stamp materials like Ormocers or Perfluorinated Polyether (PFPE). For all those materials an adhesion promoter is needed to improve the adhesion of the working stamp material to the backplane of Silicon, Quartz or Glass.

Drop & Spin
Our adhesion promoter is spin-coated onto the glass or silicon backplane. Just put your backplane in your coating equipment, dispense HMNP-12 and turn on your spin coater. After soft bake the backplane is ready for working stamp replication. Low viscosity, less water sensitivity HMNP-12 provides an adhesion layer of few nm on your glass or silicon substrate. It is in comparison to other products less sensitive to water film on your substrates and humidity in air.

  • Fast and easy to apply
  • Low viscosity
  • Few nano meter thin layer
  • Adhesion promoter for PFPE materials as well as Ormocers
  • Cost efficient
  • No special care needed regarding humidity in air
  • No special treatment of backplane before applying HMNP-12
  • Works on Silicon as well as Quartz and Glass