Anti Sticking Layer for Nanoimprint Stamps
PROFACTOR has many years of experience in coating surfaces and concentrates on the following solutions


The easiest Anti Sticking Layer for your Stamps
A critical step in a replication or Nanoimprint process is the separation of stamp and substrate after resist curing. To avoid sticking of the resist and stamp, the total surface energy of the stamp has to be minimized.

Sticky stamps?
BGL-GZ-83 provides a fast and easy anti-coating of your stamp. It has been tested for a broad range of applications, like the replication of micro-optic devices.

Drop and Spin
BGL-GZ-83 is spin-coated in one minute onto a stamp, which is ready to use after 8 hours. Just put your stamp in your coating equipment, dispense BGL-GZ-83 and turn on your spin coater.

3 hours vs. 2 minutes
For BGL-GZ-83 only a spin coater is needed. Conventional anti-sticking layers have to be deposited from the vapor phase which takes several hours and requires sophisticated experimental setups.

  • Fast and easy to apply
  • Decreased stamp surface energy
  • Minimal sticking of resist to stamp
  • Cost efficient
  • Only a spin coater is needed
  • Process at room temperature
  • Process can be performed in air
  • From micrometer to nanometer applications*
  • BGL-GZ-83 is available in different size glass bottles, standard size is 250 ml

*please test BGL-GZ-83 for suitability first, before applying it on an expensive master