Print China 2015

Company News

This year our company joined the 3rd International Printing Technology Exhibition of China (Guangdong) in HouJie, Dongguan. As the China and Hong Kong agent of several world renowned brands, our company always join in the big shows in China to promote our products. In this printing show, we are mainly to promote our famous Japan SAKURAI fully automatic cylinder screen printing machines.

During the show, our nucleus is to show the most advanced Sakurai printing machine Model MS80SD. Its accuracy is literally eye opening. It is specially designed for the strictest demands. Its registration accuracy is ±0.03mm. It incorporates high speed automatic printing and utmost accurate registration at the same time. Another bright spot of the show is the Sakurai newly introduced roll-to-roll screen printing machine MSDR60. This is the response to the industry’s severe demand for speedy and at the same time accurate screen printing on thin material in roll form.

The show is from April 7 to 12 for 6 days. All the traditional major brands of the European printing machines are here. It has a total of 9 halls. Each has its own theme of display. The visitors will not miss finding what they want by following the map.

This is a show of an immense scale. Our booth is in the main hall, Hall No.3. All the traditional major brands are here: Heidelberg, KBA, Komori, Man Roland are all here. We can see the visitors are incessant, especially in the first 3 or 4 days. So, Sakurai, the brand we represent, also has a big exposure. The Sakurai sales manager is also here to show their support. So, the exhibition is a big success!