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Sakurai is world famous manufacturer of cylinder screen printing machine. Its SC series has been widely used in the ceramic paper printing industry. MS series, with its superb registration and CCD unique features can handle easily the most difficult printing job. For high-speed and precise screen printing job, you need not look further than SAKURAI, Japan.

Printing is used on a variety of materials, whether paper, plastic, ceramic, glass, fabric, food packaging, and thus appears throughout our daily lives. Amidst these uses, commercial printed matter, such as posters and pamphlets, and product packaging, are produced on offset printing machines, the crux of the modern printing industry and our principal product.

We also have introduced the latest technology to our screen printing equipment whose primary industrial use can be found in the speedometers of airplanes and ships, and circuit boards for IC and LSI. The machines " wall-mounted television" Our unique CAD system and clean room are just some of our latest facilities, and they have made it possible to print on a large format material with an ultimately fine register which would have been unimaginable with existing printing technology. We are a technology group determined to challenge the infinite realm of printing potential.

We have also directed our technical strength to the task of raising the production technology of our own firm. The assembly line and machine finishing processes which have been running since 1998 at our main factory include the world's largest class of FMS line, complete automation, 24 hour operations, and an increasing used of un-manned operations. A more efficient and safer production environment has been achieved by introducing the clockwise flow of the production line, automatic floor conveyor movement and establishment of automated inventory warehouse and shipment system. Of course, we are also extremely through in our procedures for maintaining quality control throughout the manufacturing process. Our factory is equipped with the latest production facilities and technologies and we develop and produce both offset and screen printing equipment. We pride ourselves on having earned our customers' trust.

We believe that it is essential to foster human resource capable of the creativity and ongoing technical innovation necessary for developing and manufacturing the highest quality printing machines which satisfy customers needs,. Our factory staff is experienced and qualified. The parts management which constitutes the flow of some 28,000 parts involved in manufacturing and maintenance --- from receipt of goods to their inspection and movement in and out of the warehouse --- is controlled by a bar code system. Parts which have been sorted are stored in the automatic warehouse by means of stacker cranes. This system runs in concert with the MAPICS system and this process makes it easy to manage the parts. In order to check and ensure the precise standards of the machine components which are the basis for quality products, we have established a temperature controlled inspection room. In order to carry out strict parts inspections and correction and maintain precision throughout our firm. Of course, all tools re calibrated, and product quality assured. A clean room established for experimentation with precision equipment and settings is fitted with micrometers in each area to test these precision standards, and this allow for adjustments and function tests in all all equipment used in the room. The printing machinery manufactured in this latest environment is then used in operator training sessions held for customers at the training center in our Gifu factory, and this allows the smooth introduction of our machinery and its use into customers' facilities.

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